Shoji Ueda 1913 - 2000
Shoji Ueda  1913 - 2000

1913 -   Born in Saihaku province, Tottori prefecture (South Japan) son of cobbler, 3rd of 5 children, but only son to survive.
1929 -   Given first camera as gift by father.
1931 -  Graduates for Yonago University, joins local photo club. Discovers modern European photography in special edition of Studio Magazine. Wins firs photo prize form Camera magazine for Child on the Beach.
1932 -   Studies photography in Mimatsu department store studios in Tokyo and at Oriental School of Photography.  Returns to Tottori where he opens his first commercial photographic studio.
1933 -   Founds local photo club and participates enthusiastically in all photo magazine competitions.
1935 -   Marries Norie Shirashi who will support him enormously in his career and eventually run the photo studio by employing assistants to replace her husband.
1939 -   In Four Girls he will direct and pose his models for the first time in an art photo.
1941-45 -   Stops all photographic activity (partly though lack of film and paper) for duration of war, released from army suffering from malnutrition in 1943.
1946 -   Participates in his firs group show in Osaka.
1947 -   Joins influential Ginryusha group of photographers.
1949 -   Photographers Ken Domon and Yoichi Midorikawa pose for famous dune session in Tottori. The dunes will become the setting for Ueda’s most celebrated  photos.
1951 -   First nude sessions in dunes.
1952 -   Photographs  traditional Japanese objects for “Form” series.
1955 -   Beginning of childrens’ photos for “Childrens’ Calendar” cycle.
1957 -   In group show at Fuji Photo Salon in Tokyo.
1958 -   Included by Ed Steichen in MoMa photo show in New York. First exhibition abroad.
1969 -   First Sanin regional photo exhibition at Galerie Pentax Tokyo. Sanin photographers will be shown annually until 1973.
1971 -   Publication fo “Childrens’ Calendar.”
1972 -   Opens new 3-storey studio with tea salon and gallery in Tottori.
1974  -  First solo show at Nikon Salon in Tokyo and Osaka.
1975 -   Named professor of photography at faculty of Fine Arts of Sangyro University.
1978 -   Invited to “Rencotres d’Arles” photographic congress in France. The French National Library buys his photos for the first time.
1982 -   His photos will be regularly shown in Europe from now on. Photokina in Cologne.
1983 -   Death of his wife. Deeply affected stops photography for some time.
1984 -   Beginning of important museum purchases in Japan and abroad (Yokahama museum of Art, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Metropolitan Museum , New York, Centre Pompidou Paris, Houston museum.)
1988 -   Solo show in Houston Center of Photgraphy.
1995 -   Opening of Shoji Ueda museum in prefecture of Tottori.
2000 -   Dies of heart attack.