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Paris Art Studies



Paris art studies was founded in the summer of 2007 as new cultural and teaching venue for the English speaking community of Paris and also visitors to the city.


Its object is to provide a year long comprehensive program of  lectures on the history of Paris and French art.  The participants examine in detail and in depth the painting, sculpture, architecture, furniture and design of one of the world’s greatest artistic cities, center of culture and civilization from the Middle Ages to the present.


Bi-weekly visits to the city’s historical districts and monuments and to the city’s many museums are an integral part of the courses.  One of the  objects of the program is to familiarize the student with the great number of museums, large and small of the city and the wealth and variety of their permanent collections. Another important objective is to cover yearly the most important temporary exhibitions that originate or travel to Paris museums and exhibition venues.


Slide lectures are held  in Galerie Beckel Odille Boïcos a contemporary art gallery established since 1999 in the historic district of the Marais near the Bastille.  Past and present complement each other in this environment is which art and photography exhibitions change throughout the year providing a constantly evolving artistic background to the lectures.


Chris Boicos is the principal lecturer.

Chris Boicos has been teaching art history in Paris since1985 in a great number of institutions notably the Women’s’ Institute of Continuing Education (WICE), center for University Programs Abroad (CUPA), the University of Delaware, the University of Southern California and other American undergraduate programs in Paris.

Chris Boïcis is a founder with Daniel Beckel and Pascal Odille of Galerie Beckel Odille Boicos .


Christi Bart teaches the history of French film for Paris Art Studies. She has an MA in Speech-Communication/Broadcasting and wrote her thesis on how television and cinematic films are cast in Hollywood. She has taught film and television production courses at the University of Minnesota, Zoetrope Studios in Hollywood and courses on the History of American Cinema at the Université Marne-la-Vallé in Paris. Christi was also an actress on General Hospital and The Young and the Restless throughout the the 1980s.


papalexis-sm.jpgDimitri Papalexis studied in the finest fashion school in Greece the PAN-SIK School in Athens in 1986-87 and at the Maragoni School in Milan (1988). He also studied embroidery at the greatest French embroidery school, Lesage in 1998.
He has taught pattern making, draping and embroidery at the PAN-SIK School in Athens and has been creating dresses for Fashion houses, television programs in Greece and an international private clientele in Paris, Monaco and the U.S.A. since 1987.
He has worked among others for Mariana Hardwick (Australia), Christophe Rouxel (Paris), Leonard and Osimar Versolato (Paris), Paul KA (Paris) Jean-Louis Scherrer (Paris), Irène Van Ryb (Paris) ,123 Créateur (Paris), Eva Kayan (Marseille) and Un Jour Ailleurs (Paris).
His range of creation includes haute-couture embroideries, suits, cocktail and wedding dresses.
He has his own boutique and studio, Ditri Couture, in the 4th arrondissement in Paris.



Irene Bartholomew, Genevieve Manderstam and Hannelore Bahrdt, longtime Paris residents and members of the city’s English-speaking community overlook the organization and administration of the programs.


Our hope is that our academic experience combined with our professional connection to the current art world will endow Paris Art Studies with a different viewpoint  and  a more sensitive approach to historical and artistic issues than that that of a classic academic venue. We wish this to be a very informative but also enriching and enjoyable experience for all English speakers in Paris interested in the arts.


Chris Boïcos


September 2007

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